Leaders, the children are watching you


You may be familiar with the saying “children are like a sponge” – they soak in everything they hear and see. Therefore, we need to be careful what we say and do in public. With the internet and various social platforms, information can reach around the world in the blink of an eye.

In TT gross disrespect has become the order of the day and not just from the man on the street but from leaders who are supposed to be setting the example. It is shameful the names we call each other yet are quick to say “let’s do it together.” Is that really possible when we treat each other with so much discourtesy? So it is no big thing for leaders to refer to others as imps or bottom feeders. Are we adults not supposed to be exemplars?

I appeal to those who view disrespect as a way of life to check yourselves. If you have been blessed with the opportunity to lead this country in whatever way, you are accountable to the citizenry. Our children, the future leaders, are watching and learning from the example you are setting.

The disrespect from people holding high office has become unbearable. But it is not too late to change. And as the late Bob Marley said, “Who the cap fits, let them wear it.” It is time to change and be an example for the sake of the children.