Lack of pride throughout the country


I have been reflecting on the slaughter to the many trees that line our roads. For some time now I have been perplexed at the way in which the utility companies trim/butcher their branches, leaving the trees to resemble those in a horror movie with their grotesque shapes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I recognise that the branches could damage the overhead lines and cause major disruptions and that this is the reason for cutting them.

However, if these trees are not the correct vegetation to be growing under overhead lines, why were they planted there in the first place? Why not replace them with other plants that could be shaped into hedges, etc, making the entire space more pleasing to the eyes and environment?

To add to this, the cut branches are usually left for day/weeks before removal.

It is really sad to observe the lack of pride in our nation that we have developed over the “boom” years, which is clearly demonstrated by the deplorable condition of our public spaces.

The matter of the tree trimmings is just the tip as derelict vehicles, garbage, other household appliances and furniture are a regular eyesore on the roadsides throughout the country.