Keep inoculation against Covid high on agenda


WHY are we all being so twofaced?

We knew reopening the economy comes with inherent risks. Why act surprised at spikes in Covid-19 infections?

What is important, as new infections rise, is that the daily deaths remain in low figures. It is patently obvious that the efficacy of vaccinating has kicked in. You can get Covid-19 but, gradually, fewer citizens are dying.

With well over 710,000 vaccinations completed, daily deaths are at present very low. Once protocols are strictly adhered to, deaths from Covid will remain mainly among citizens with severe comorbidities.

However, we still have a couple hundred thousand Trinbagonian citizens ignoring what is staring them in the face.

Vaccinating for Covid-19 should always remain high on personal agendas.

Parents should be encouraged to vaccinate their children and themselves, in the best interest of keeping the schools open.

Once vaccine supplies for the five-to-11-year-olds arrive in T&T, these minors should be immediately vaccinated-unless not allowed by their paediatricians.

A real fear remains for Tobago, being overwhelmed by infections. Tobagonians are at exceptional risk because tourism is their economic bread and butter. It is not a case of wanting/not wanting to be vaccinated. It is a case of economic and personal death because of stubborn reluctance. Today I am interested in hearing updates from the trade unions and religious bodies regarding beliefs about keeping T&T lives at high risk by encouraging persons to remain unvaccinated.

The only excuse for not vaccinating should be medical in origin. With the news that the Roman Catholic Archbishop has tested positive, we must agree that if prayers could have saved him he would not have joined the list of positives. Covid is uncaring of prayers.

One does not have to be a medical practitioner to surmise that if you can, by law, be vaccinated for entry into kindergarten for measles and other infections, you can, swear words not allowed, accept the tried and trusted Covid-19 vaccination.

Lynette Joseph Diego Martin