It’s femicide


We of the Hindu Women’s Organisation and so many other concerned citizens are deeply troubled by the statistics on women & girls murdered so far this year. 47 females that’s 4 per month representing 13 per cent of the 362 murders committed in 2020. We still have 3 weeks to go before we face 2021.

What is the impact of these murders on home,family and community? How more severe is the impact of femicide on these institutions when generally it is the female who organises and manages a home? So many of us women, who, to quote William Butler Yeates “When things fall apart the centre cannot hold” find ways & means to hold things together especially when there are children involved? We would like to offer suggestions that may help us to understand the male psyche and help to alleviate this scourge that is stalking our land by offering preventative rather than reactive measures. In order to do this we should look at the risk factors of those who are likely to engage in abusive behaviour.

-low self esteem -low academic achievement

-experience of poor parenting

-physically abusive tendencies

-desire for power & control

– aggressive & delinquent behaviour

– alcohol & drug dependency

We take this opportunity to recommend to all stakeholders to develop programs in schools,community groups and religious gatherings to embrace & celebrate role models especially those who have none in

the home.

We are heartened by the increase in the number of men”s organisations who are making efforts to reach out to men & boys through education and support.

In his International Men’s Day address in 2013 Dr Jerome Teelucksingh called for the need to introduce programs that deal with a new socialisation process for girls & boys in Primary & secondary schools, We would like to urge that we hit the ground running with adolescents in secondary schools, Lets bring counsellors social workers and parents on board .lets get Men’s & women’s Organisations working together to save lives rather than mourn them.


Hindu Women’s Organisation