It’s Beginning To Look At A Lot Like Elections…


It’s that time again.

If one didn’t know that elections were around the corner, they’d be enlightened by just taking a gander at the news. No, we don’t mean the election-related coverage that is expected to heat up in the coming months. Neither do we mean the political meetings that are popping up with increased regularity as parties seek to rally their troops. We mean the predictable slew of goodies that come from seemingly nowhere when it’s ‘that’ time.

In how many Editorials have we clamored for the opening of the Couva Children’s hospital? Didn’t we all agree that it was pure political bad-mind to leave this billion dollar structure to rot? But lo and behold, there is now use for the much-maligned structure, revamped as the “The Couva Medical and Multi-Training Facility”, one year before General Elections are expected.

What about the high profile upgrade project for Skinner Park? Attorney General and MP for San Fernando West, Faris Al Rawi reportedly said that the repairs were long overdue, and would cost about 200 million dollars to complete, in phases. But in this drought where “the Treasury empty”, isn’t it imperative to dedicate our limited funds towards projects demanding immediate attention, like clearing the waterways in Chaguanas, instead of seeing the Borough under water as we did on Monday?

Same goes for the Todd’s Road Bridge in Freeport, listed for repairs for years but only last Saturday was unveiled as a spanking new structure. We’ve also attested to the imminent road paving projects in yesterday’s Editorial. Soon we will see politicians kissing babies, hugging the elderly and going through the paces of hypocrisy until the day we stain our fingers. With the predictable dishing out of political goodies around election time, it is clear that politicians have very little interest other that of their own. Benefit to country is nowhere on their list of their priorities, it seems. The investments or promises they make in the name of country are all political, to either achieve or stay in political office. Imagine there are those who still cheer and applaud this gimmickry.

It’s sad that we get these freebies once every five years. We deserve better. But it seems that we like it so. Not enough of us are struggling sufficiently to demand change.