Is pepper spray the answer?


A can of pepper spray is of no use if there are two men attempting rape and assault. You might be lucky to manage to spray one person in the face. You can instead be grabbed by the accomplice. Any other body part other than the face is of less importance. The intended victim can be easily overwhelmed by fear and drop the pepper spray can before achieving significant damage.

But this letter is really about who can get hold of pepper spray. How will the Government limit access? Is pepper spray the wisest of choices? Think of a wicked-minded teenager spraying others just for joke. Think about smaller children playing with mummy’s purse. Do we have sufficient eye clinics spread throughout the country to deal with the injured?

Do we build a special jail for blind inmates? They will need their own Remand Yard. I am not being facetious. There will likely be bandits blinded by pepper spray.

Yes, it is agreed that pepper spray is powerful and can do significant damage to assaulters. With regard to financial consideration, a can of pepper spray will be much cheaper and easier than procuring guns and ammunition.

So are we now agreed on this stinging new method of bodily assault?