Inspection Madness


Sometimes people need to feel in order to learn. And while sometimes broken systems are to blame, in other cases, we must shoulder that burden. The situation surrounding the inspection of vehicles is one such example.

Vehicle inspections are necessary whether we like it or not. The point is to ensure the vehicles on the road are working properly, in order to minimize technical malfunctions that can result in something worse. At the start of July, the Government decided to hold back on ticketing motorists for inspections, to allow them time to get this in order. This was necessary due to a number of issues, most notably complaints of long waiting lines at licensing offices, as well as a lack of inspection stickers. The end of this moratorium was to be December 31st. And in addition to that, over 60 new inspection outlets were sanctioned, in a bid to make the process easier.

All of these were not without complications of their own, as some persons were still unable to get their inspection stickers. BUT, the fact remains that motorists in this country had basically six months to get their vehicles inspected. Yet, From December 27th, there was a rush, with persons lining up outside inspection locations, in some cases from as early as 2am. There were reports of tensions flaring between motorists, as they all jostled to have their vehicles in before others.

But why? The moratorium was simply to delay a new, heftier fine so motorists could get their business in order. Even without a moratorium, persons would have had to get their inspections done anyway, once it had expired. So why then would so many allow their inspections to lapse, and then wait until the absolute last minute to renew it? And on top of that, some of those waiting until the last minute are complaining about the problems they face as a result. Sometimes we create our own problems. We need to start accepting responsibility.