Improve the tourist spots to bring in foreign funds


I write to bring awareness to the negligence of potential tourist spots and attractions that display and emphasise our rich culture in an effort to promote Carnival as a primary tourism source.

In doing so, not only are we failing to maintain and/or develop renowned tourist spots, but we are only exposing foreigners to a fraction of what we have to offer.

Instead, we should focus on maintaining popular spots. For example, replacing the fence at Palmiste Park, planting new trees and ensuring that there is adequate lighting and surveillance for those who prefer to visit at night.

Also, we can strive to improve the physical state of beach facilities at Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Beach and Clifton Hill Beach, for example, by fixing bathrooms, providing ample parking space where possible and performing beach cleanups.

Furthermore, the involvement of youths in these projects could assist with reducing the crime rate and setting a good example for other Caribbean countries.

Additionally, I suggest the beautification of pathways including those near well-known mud volcanoes, as well as those in parks. I also believe that repainting buildings and installing new signs will enhance the physical state of the environment and be more visually appealing to tourists.

Finally, advertising these spots and attractions should be encouraged via social media, in public spaces and through other heavily-used mediums. As a result, I expect to see these places promoted similarly to Carnival as sources of income from tourism, while hopefully drawing in a wider range of people interested in our country.

I expect my concerns to be addressed by those employed in the tourism sector in the near future and to contribute towards the improvement of our tourism potential. I hope that citizens who support these ideas make an effort to encourage the improvement of the tourism sector.