How Much Is Your Life Worth?


The next level of national security has supposedly begun with joint efforts from the country’s armed forces ready to deal with criminals and what they love most…guns. What we’ve been told is that cash rewards will be given to those who are willing to snitch on their friends and family who have firearms.

If there are two things we can pinpoint that are greatly responsible for the level of crime and bloodshed in this country, they are the high number of weapons available to people without good intentions, and the unwillingness of the citizenry in selling out their loved ones.

Remember the descriptions given about criminals as being ‘good boys’? We have to rely on those people to snitch on their sons and friends for a few dollars. Aren’t they already profiting from their children? The incentive from Crime Stoppers will have to be in the high thousands to have any effect on these folks.

But, how else would the police know about who has gun and who doesn’t? In 2017, the Attorney General said there were 2,459 confirmed gang members in the country. For such a specific figure, he must have good information and we should start there! If we know them, and know where they’re from…let’s begin the search! Get all the troops together…from army officials to special reserve police officers. Raid their homes, find their guns, and prosecute them!

Try to think of how many gang members have been held and convicted since the 2017 figure was announced. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

And for the criminals out there, how afraid are they of Crime Stoppers? Has it stopped them in the past? And, if so, the public should be given some statistics because surely we need to build some solid confidence in this entity. The anonymity should be maintained as much as possible, because snitches get stitches…and we don’t want that.

In a nutshell, we agree that civilians need to provide more information that can lead to arrests, but given that it’s a scary thing to do, we need the assurance that we’ll remain safe, and that the information works. Let’s make Trinidad safe again.