How many are guilty by association?


FRANK SINATRA was famous for his alleged connections to the Italian Mafia. The Mafia/Mafioso of Italy are the undisputed, legendary makers and breakers of many communities, worldwide. Unbelievably wealthy, it is alleged the Mafia created FIFA as a legitimate way of laundering their money.

We all love football. FIFA is what it is. I have not seen anything of the Netflix production. No need for that. Netflix is just providing the photographs, the stories, all the allegations of deliberate wrongdoing. It is what it is.

When I say that Jack Warner is brother to Frank Sinatra, I mean it from the view that Jack’s life story mirror-images Frank’s. Both talented individuals, determined at all costs to succeed in life.

Fame, in all its manifestations, was achieved by both men.

So, as Franks sings, the record shows, he ate it all, then spit it out, and lived his life, his way. Regrets for Frank were too few to mention because, as he says, what is a man, if not himself?

So, is our highly talented, famous Jack Warner ready to face the political Grammy Awards and walk the red carpet of the political Oscars for the police in the US?

This is T&T where even bandits have parents, children and friends who unequivocally love them.

But is it not also true that there is guilt by association, even if you are living life, your way? How many people in T&T, from any of our political parties, are willing to take the blows with Jack?

Lynette Joseph Diego Martin