Government and medical advisors need to do better


It clearly does not matter whether it is the state of the economy, or the state of the resources and infrastructure in our country, or now even the situation we find ourselves after more than a year into the COVID pandemic, the blame games between the Government and the Opposition continues.

The latest salvo’s thrown at each other is who is at fault for the recent rise in COVID cases.

Firstly, I, and many of the general public fail to comprehend how such petty arguments by the Government leaders, who are clearly so thin skinned and juvenile that they can’t step away from their “he hit me/she hit me first” child-like behaviour to realise this is not only not helping our situation, but is having a serious impact on the psyche of the public who see no viable solutions coming to get us out of our dire predicament.

Secondly, to the medical team advising the Government, please, you keep harping on about “following the science”. If this is the case, explain to us all why you have advised the Government, against available scientific evidence, to impose such severe restrictions on people who, trying to stay healthy, look to outdoor exercise as a lifestyle choice.

All my life I have been told by doctors to stay healthy we need to be active, exercise, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and reduce our time in front of TV’s and computer screens.

Not in this pandemic, however. They are now preaching/demanding we do the exact opposite.

If this is them following the science they so love to tell us they are guided by, then explain the following which from a report published in New York Times (go ahead, Google it): “…the share of transmission that has occurred outdoors seems to be below 1 per cent and may be below 0.1 per cent.”. The article goes on to state: “There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table”.

The article goes on to explain that even the low percentage of cases that were classified as “outdoors” were really from construction sites where workers were actually inside buildings under construction and was wrongly classified as outdoors.

Now, if this information is accurate (and supported by CDC) and is so easily available to me, tell me why are our medical advisors still providing guidelines that do not align with the science, with said guidelines then being imposed upon us by the government under penalty of prosecution? The impact of this never-ending interruption in people’s lives is causing serious issues of metal fatigue, stress, and burnout. But it seems the medical advisors are more focused on the virus and not on the patient.