Focus on ‘PH’ drivers, Mr AG


The recent comments by Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi concerning the ‘PH’ industry leave a lot to be concerned about. As guardian of the Constitution and the upholder of the rule of law in Trinidad and Tobago, what have you done or what are you doing about this industry? Are you saying that whenever the Government is passing legislation, it will take into account persons who are known and acknowledged by you to be lawbreakers? Oh! What about those taxi and maxi drivers who took out loans from banks and credit unions and are facing competition from PH with your approval?

That statement reminds me of the exact number of gang members in T&T, yet your Minister of National Security has not been able to arrest and successfully prosecute one of them. It appears that the gang members have more intelligence than the police. Whenever a man is killed, the police usually say it was gang violence, the deceased was well known to the police and was wanted on several warrants for murder, attempted murder, robbery, rape, possession of arms and ammunition, drug offences, etc. Could the CoP explain if all that is reported and emanates from his office or officers, how come another gang member can find him to kill him and the police cannot find him to arrest him. Clearly, they have more intelligence. No pun intended!

My advice therefore to the AG, if he is willing to take it, is to consider the following when passing legislation: (i) The squatters and illegal occupiers of both State and private lands; (ii) Prostitution in T&T; (iii) The illegal trade in bringing Latinos, Chinese and what we refer to as ‘Syrians’ to T&T; (iv) How come the owners/operators of the boats are never charged?

(v) How come the owners/operators of the hotels/ bars where these illegal immigrants are picked up are not hauled before the courts; (vi) The recycling of these Latinos throughout the Caribbean with the tacit assistance of law enforcement; (vii) Those importers and peddlers of guns and drugs in T&T.

I trust that as the guardian of our Constitution you, as Attorney General, will take into account the above when bringing legislation to the Parliament.

Ramchand Lutchmedial
San Fernando