We all woke up on Wednesday to hear the news that a murder took place at a ward inside the Port of Spain General Hospital, and the incident surely opened eyes and prompted safety discussions, even from the public. We often worry about our safety when we leave our homes every day, and some of these strange incidents make us wonder differently about the country that we live in and how sweet T&T really is. In one day we heard about an explosion at a popular car park in the capital, followed by the murder in the hospital just hours later.

We remember in April this year, there were reports that the security measures were increased at the Port of Spain General Hospital due to an upsurge in gang-related activities. We now ask, was there really a beefing up of security, or just a PR stunt to calm the minds of citizens? A murder surely couldn’t have taken place in the night time, outside of visiting hours, if there wasn’t a major breach in security. And by two men, reportedly dressed in hospital garb?

The hospital, and by extension the NWRHA needs to come clean on the security measures that have been in place recently, and what is being done to heighten it further, now that we’ve got clever murderers infiltrating these walls. Are we safe to get sick and visit the hospital? Surely, the country needs assurances.

Is the ‘virus’ that is the criminals of the country smarter than the ‘anti-virus’ law enforcement and its array of powerful legislation? With cases like these, and the other reported cases of robberies, rapes, kidnappings and other hard crimes every day…it seems they’re winning.

But, we still keep our faith in the Police Commissioner’s drive to dismantle the operations of gangs, criminals and those persons intent on hurting our citizens and our country. But until that happens…we’re being killed, injured and traumatized. Hurry up!