Encouraging youth, the way forward


Here are two experiences of yesterday.

It of course starts off with the unrest in Port-of-Spain and consists of two points of view.

Firstly, the unrest and, secondly, the unkempt condition of the roundabout at the Savannah going to St Ann’s.

A number of people have been calling for an effort to clean up.

But how to get this done? From who? URP/Cepep? As Inspector Alexander has said on more than one occasion, there are countless Police Youth Clubs in T&T.

I visited the Police Station in Belmont with a view to encouraging the “youth” of the area to invest some time in a project to beautify the roundabout.

The personnel in the charge room were adamant: “We don’t have a youth group here, you’ll have to go in town, try Besson Street.”

When I explained my reason for asking the immediate response was “that is child labour you looking for.”

I asked: “If they have a choice to beautify the environment for pocket money or staying and liming on the block for free, what would be more appealing?”

The answer was that their parents would object to their children doing that.

As I grew up many years ago the status quo of every creed and race was well established.

In fact, Dr Williams would walk past our house every afternoon and applaud us playing football on the lawn and even offer advice.

The idea of change in the way T&T was governed was unheard of then but not long after he led us to emancipation.

Times do change, but violence is not necessary.

We need to think this out seriously.

Unfortunately, some people are more than willing to do menial jobs rather than employing someone in need to effect progress.

Now we have the “gangs” deciding to call a truce.

If we had paid attention to St Thomas Aquinas we would recognise that as he put it: “A force that is united is more effective than one divided.

Consequently one united to do evil is more harmful than operating as separate entities.”