Embracing cannabis reform


The All Mansions of Rastafari (AMOR) has been the advocate for the legalisation or decriminalisation of cannabis in Trinidad and Tobago, and one of the main vanguards of cannabis culture in the islands, and would like to congratulate the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on the one year anniversary of the decriminalisation of cannabis in T&T.

The Government has demonstrated a political will to embrace cannabis reform.

AMOR wishes to express its full support and willingness to help advance a proper policy framework in moving forward, since there is a balance to strike between the urgency of implementing cannabis reform and the solution to social justice.

AMOR’s position in legalisation/ decriminalisation of marijuana resonates with the Rastafari movement position from its inception, due to the symbiotic relationship the ‘Hola herb’ has with its rituals and practices referred to as Rastafari Livity!

Since the ’70s Rastafari has openly declared through the music ‘Legalise it and I will advertise it’. As for the movement, it is revered as the herb given by the creator for the healing of the nations, and now properly accepted globally for its medical properties and healing attributes.

AMOR is, however, concerned with the amendment to expunge all offences for possession up to two kilogrammes since it is inconsistent with the recognition of the medicinal, scientific and therapeutic value of the cannabis plant.

Glenroy Halls