Election Season


Election season is in the air so from now until the next Government is elected next year, expect every comment you hear from a politician to have heavy undertones. And given everything that has happened recently, expect a lot of mudslinging as well. We are in for a rough season, and it’s best to be prepared. So how do we do that?

Just about now, there will be a lot of “who said what about who”. These will come on political platforms, and will be reported by the media. Our duty as voting citizens is to keep informed. When a politician says something, don’t just take their word for it, even if it’s the side you’re leaning towards.

While politicians may sometimes present valid facts, when on an election platform, they will say anything they believe people want to hear. It’s called pandering to their audience and it’s a powerful weapon. Be a little skeptical, if something doesn’t fully make sense, try to find out more.

You should also try to vote based on issues. This doesn’t mean that you need to know everything about every issue ever. Decide what is important to YOU – whether it’s the economy, education or crime, or less touted matters like legislative agenda.

Listen to determine if the candidate asking for your vote is discussing these issues and putting out proposals to address them. Try to scrutinize these so called solutions as well. There have been so many recycled promises that one must seriously question their practicality to begin with. Because if they were such great ideas, why haven’t they been implemented yet?

And finally, a word of wise to the cautious, as we approach what is expected to be a tough election season, please try to respect others political choice. There is no doubt that things will get tense and we will be asking ourselves “how can they support that person?”. We all have the freedom of choice and after the elections have gone, we all still need to share this country.