Effects of vaccine politics


Some citizens who have never travelled out of Trinidad a day in their life are all of a sudden worried that Sinopharm is not being accepted by some countries. Some people though are genuinely concerned because they think that it proves that Sinopharm is no good.

The main purpose of all WHO-approved COVID vaccines is to prevent hospitalisation and death from the virus.

Citizens don’t have much to say in the acquisition of vaccines and therefore can only take what is provided as long as it is WHO approved and deemed safe.

The speed at which the scientific community came up with the COVID-19 vaccine and the extent of global co-operation in this effort has been truly extraordinary.

Since then, politics around vaccines have again come to the forefront damaging the possibility of an equitable global health approach.

Vaccine politics should be dealt with at a later time.

Intensive studies are being conducted on the mixing of vaccines to
improve efficacy and may be given the green light in the near future.

If this is approved as being safe then this approach may allow people who have been vaccinated with Sinopharm to possibly take a shot from another brand, thus allowing travel to Europe and other nations that do not accept Sinopharm.

In the mean time all citizens are encouraged to take the vaccine that is available to them to prevent hospitalisation and death from COVID-19.