Drugs Sou-Sou scandal the fruit of corrupt politics


The Drugs Sou-Sou (DSS) scandal is just a reflection of a corrupt society lead by corrupt leaders.

Our politicians have created a culture of corruption, nepotism and money laundering that has benefitted gangsters and financiers for generations.

We are simply reaping what was sown by decades of backroom deals, Community-based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) and Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) ghost gangs and drug cartels being labelled ‘untouchable’ by the police.

In an alternate world where Trinidad and Tobago had ethical and competent leaders crime would have been solved because taxpayer dollars would not be going to fund ‘community leaders’.

The millions invested in DSS would have been put into innovative companies exporting cocoa and chocolate, or developing software for niche markets.

As Lloyd Best often said, ‘How does culture escape itself?’

How do we escape DSS and the corrupt culture that produced it?

Jonathan Bhagan