Drastic measures needed to curb crime


Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because he knew no country would send troops to help that country. He expected the sanctions but knew that could not stop his eventual victory.

I am no supporter of Putin’s actions, but what he has shown us in Trinidad and Tobago and the world in general is that sometimes to get the result you want you have to be bold enough to take unpopular actions.

The crime situation in TT needs strong measures; the routine stuff will not put a dent on crime. While I am pleased that a team has been set up, as announced by the Prime Minister, to deal with the crime issue, I hope we will hear suggestions other than the ordinary. It is clear the present actions are not getting the desired results. Basic policing will not do the job when we take into consideration the level and nature of crimes.

Firstly, there must be a joint effort of all security services. The police cannot do it alone at this point. They need the support of other agencies.

Secondly is what many people do not want to hear – that there needs to be some kind of curfew until things are brought under control. We see this taking place in other countries where there is an upsurge of criminal activities.

We cannot complain about the crime situation and not expect some inconvenience in dealing with it. There must be short-term and long-term measures. One long-term measure is dealing with our young people. No stone must be left unturned to put those who are misguided on the right path. This is the work for all – parents, teachers, the community, religious bodies, the Government.

I believe the police, the legal system, the politicians must see the bigger picture and work together. Crime is a profitable business and there are no safe havens right now. The blame game is not solving anything. What is needed is the coming together of all the brilliant minds to find ways and means to deal with the crime scourge.