Dr Avinash Sawh’s racist rants are unforgiveable


As a medical doctor, I understand you have duty to all of your patients. My initial response to your ranting was one of disbelief and then dismay. This swiftly turned to one of pity—yes, I said pity for you…I ask myself, what is the source of this racism? Where do children learn this? Babies are not born to dislike someone from another race— No.. Racism is learnt. This hatred towards another fellow human being is learnt from the home and perpetuated by some families.

I pity you, Dr Avinash Sawh, because there is a God who created all human beings. The bible states “love everyone as you love yourself,” if we can but practice to truly accept one another in spite of our differences the world will be such a better place.

As a “professional” you should set a better example. What are you teaching the youths? Having all the money in the world does not make you better than anyone. Some may have more wealth, attain higher levels of education—that does not make you better. We were all created equal in the eyes of God.

Some may be shorter, taller, dark or light skin, brown eyes or blue eyes, one foot, blind but—We are still All created equal.

What I’m left to wonder, Dr Avinash Sawh, it’s how do you treat patients of other races? Can you be trusted to administer the required treatment to and conduct proper assessment of all your patients regardless of race, colour, creed or class? Or is there some bias in how you conduct yourself day to day in your profession? Many years ago, there was an incident at the Port-of-Spain hospital where Dr Dhelia Gabriel, an intern attached to the Port-of- Spain General hospital was fired based on similar racial remarks.

Her internship came to a premature end, thus bringing an end to her career as a medical doctor.

My expectation is that the same rule of thumb that was used to dismiss this doctor will be applied in a like manner.

Whatever the decision by the Medical Board, the end result should be the same—inability to continue practicing in this field.

Apology can be accepted, but the scales must be balanced.

You proffered your apologies over the media—was it because of the involvement of the Medical Board? Did you apologise to your employee who was subject to your rants? You must understand there are consequences for your every action. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

La Romaine