Don’t blame others if you get covid19


It is my considered view that there is little more the Government can do to get people to understand that the war against covid19 can only be fought with the use of vaccines.

The Government has done its duty in getting several types of vaccines and making them available at multiple sites. This cannot be in dispute.

The daily double-digit deaths and the more that 500 new cases per day over the last few days cannot be attributed to the health workers nor the Government.

All over the place people are ignoring the protocols, not wearing masks, congregating and ignoring social protocols. The police just drive by. Such is the intransigence.

The deaths are among the unvaccinated. It is disturbing that over 50 per cent of our citizens are not adhering to the scientific data and research adopted by the most developed countries in their fight against covid19.

It is said that a person by his own choices is his own enemy or his own friend. The environment to give each citizen an equal chance to beat death and/or major illness is at their doors. The Government cannot open the door except by mandatory vaccination.

Unfortunately, people still think that covid19 will pass them by. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

If you get sick with covid19, don’t blame others. Blame yourself for procrastinating without a real scientific reason. And if you choose not be vaccinated then God forbid you get covid19 to really appreciate the self-imposed danger you have inflicted on yourself, your family and others.


former MP