Curing the crime epidemic


The time has come for drastic measures to stop this crime epidemic which is more of a threat than COVID-19, the prime minister needs to be bold and make these changes now before Trinidad becomes number one in the league tables of the country with highest murder rate instead of number 11 as it is now.

1 Stop all capital building programs and build a prison at San Fernando to hold a prison capacity of 1,000 that sends a message that you are serious.

2 There is a population of 1.3 million people terrorised and kept prisoners in their own homes by 1,500 serious career criminals, it is time to hit these criminals hard and change the law to a three strikes and your locked up for life rule. Why is there human rights more important than innocent people.

3 Gun control is the biggest problem at the moment, but if you are caught with a gun and you have a slick lawyer, you will only get a fine and walk away, but if you are poor, there’s a good chance you are going to prison, so to solve this and make it simple, if you are found in possession of an unlicensed gun, a mandatory five-year sentence and for possession of ammunition two to five years prison.

Simple, everyone then knows before they pick up a gun that they are going loose their freedom.

Along with these measures, there needs to be serious work done on finding employment for young men, it is no good having stupid dreams of encouraging tourism. Who wants to spend a vacation in a country that is number 11 on the murder league tables.

Successive governments have failed to do anything but tinker with the problem of crime, it may be too late, but at least if they are brave and do something, it could make Trinidad a nice place to live.

Colin Wills