Crapaud Smoke We Pipe!


Last week, South Trinidad was devastated by some of the worst flooding the country has ever seen. Just when we thought we were going to escape severe flooding with 2020 and the dry season beckoning, we were proven wrong.

But is this disaster going to pass like a tragic installment of our favourite series? We can’t help but feel that the people of South Trinidad have been short-changed, again.
Where is the Prime Minister in the midst of all the disaster? We have heard a few statements on the matter, but nothing from him specifically. Even the so called updates from a handful of Ministers is definitely not as much as there should be, given the scale of the impact. In most cases, these responses had to be dragged out.

Why is there blatant unfairness when treating with citizens of this country? Last year, the affected areas of North Trinidad got some sort of welcome relief via monies and supplies and we applauded that. There were also constant public updates being issued on the situation and steps being taken to help the situation. But what’s good for Peter clearly isn’t good for Paul. Is it because the pumpkin, bhaji & pholourie that come from these areas are valued less that the contributions of the citizens of Greenvale, etc?

Even if there was a lack of compassion for those in South Trinidad, what about the economic implications of such a catastrophe? With farming done heavily in South, won’t the prices of fruits and vegetables see a hike? Is there anything being done to perhaps subsidize the cost of smaller production or maybe offset the losses to these farmers?
Media coverage too left a lot to be desired. The population could be left with the impression that the flooding was bearable and not as bad as last year in north Trinidad. This couldn’t be further from the truth. But there was very little to give a true reflection of what was happening in Penal, Debe and environs.

A significant portion of the country is in distress, essentially cut off from the rest of the Trinidad. Yet those who have been elected to serve prefer to make snide remarks about pumpkin and bhaji, and are instead pursuing persons who slander them on social media.
Could you imagine what would have been the fate of these southerners if not for genuine help from good Samaritans?

Crapaud really smoke we pipe!