COVID-19 respects no one


India is considered the “pharmacy factory of the world,” and today, India has the most deaths from COVID-19, with 13,000 deaths per day, which many say is understated.

A few months ago India seemed to have some control, although many questioned the apparent success. India then made a catastrophic error in showing little respect for COVID- 19.

Unrestrained religious activities involving millions of people, political activities with no restrictions, and for days, a packed stadium in another carnival-like atmosphere celebrating their second religion, Cricket —The cricket match with England bowled it over the top—it was just too much.

Without oxygen, for just a few minutes the most healthy person would die. India produces over 7,000 tonnes of oxygen and due to the lack of a proper distribution network, thousands of COVID patients just died from a lack of oxygen.

The “world’s pharmacy,” India, just could not keep up with the need for vaccines, along with other medical paraphernalia.

In India, people were no longer lining up to get into a hospital as ambulances were already lined up with dead people to get into the hospital.

The official sites for cremation were too small or already used up.

Car parks were turned into all night “cremation centres.” The relatives had to wait at times as wood to burn was running out.

England, France, Germany and the United States had to airlift essential medical equipment to the “pharmacy factory of the world.”

India and Pakistan fought two fullscale wars and from time to time were always at each other’s throat —now Pakistan airlifted medical supplies to India. China and India are not friendly towards each other and China sent medical supplies to India.

If one country is not safe the whole world is not safe The President of Brazil does not wear a mask. He said COVID-19 is like the flu, and it will pass. The sad part of his statement and his behaviour is not wearing a mask is that millions of his people actually believe him.

Here in T&T, if we do not respect COVID-19, if we do not follow the scientific approach to COVID-19, and follow the protocols, if we go around listening to people with unbelievable cures for COVID-19, we will end up worse than India.

COVID-19 respects no one.