Constantly practise good manners


Despite the strong objections coming from both the prime minister and the leader of the Opposition, I strongly agree with our president that a much higher level of decorum is urgently needed in our parliamentary debates, if the country is to find a way to truly progress in the long run.

In this regard, many of us have not thought about it, but in rating the importance of good manners and good laws in a functioning democracy, the practice of good manners must, of necessity, come before the passage of good laws.

You see, laws, good or bad, actually evolve from manners and, as such, the constant practice of good manners is the most important ingredient in the evolution of good legislation.

So, when we witness, time and time again, our members of both houses of government communicating with the soul of a heretic and the mouth of a stevedore, there is only one way for the country to go, and that is down.

Gregory Wight