Clean up the police force


Police Commissioner Gary Griffith may be in a quandary and looking at his options, as at present there are two known recent incidents which allegedly involve serving policemen in which a great sum of money was allegedly stolen. This reflects badly on the entire police force including the commissioner.

For decades there have been suspicions that some long-established senior police officials within our police system here are corrupt. This is supplemented by the staggering amount of ordinary policemen who have allegedly been jumping on the criminal bandwagon in recent times. The commissioner of police is no doubt going to be blamed for the acts of lawlessness within the lower ranks of this organisation.

One is left to wonder at the prospects of ever having an honest law enforcement police force in T&T, because of the well embedded and established criminal elements that are lurking amidst our police manpower. A complete purge is now necessary in order to put our police back on the right track of integrity.

Without taking the necessary measures to correct this trend which appears to have been previously ignored, and allowed to mushroom, causing the public to lose faith in the police, the situation is bound to get worse here.