Citizens abroad, please be patient


We know this is a stressful time for many Australians overseas who are trying to get home. Caps on international passenger arrivals into Australia make it harder for Australians to get home, but these restrictions and quarantine measures are necessary to protect our friends and family members at home at this critical point. Our embassy and consulates are doing all that we can to provide essential support to Australians in the US, and will provide any updates, as soon as we have them.’

The above statement was posted this month on the Australian Embassy Advisory website to its citizens across the world, who are seeking to reenter Australia.

A lot is being said and written about the current repatriation process in Trinidad and Tobago. This Government and our Minister of National Security have approved more re-entry to citizens from around the world than many other nations have to its citizens, to date, per capita. Thousands of applications have been approved and our people have returned.

A developed country like Australia has notified its citizens that their application to re-enter their country is not guaranteed, and the priority of the Australian government is protecting everyone within their country.

Is is sad and in poor taste that in a time when we all should come together and stand strong, some of us are using this as a tool to divide this nation.

While I agree it is very unfortunate that some people are away from their families and would like to return, they have to understand that we have limited resources. We are a tiny country with a limited budget, and a small breakout of Covid-19 can lead to disaster, especially with the new variant of the virus that is 70 per cent more transmissible.

Our Government has promised that all our citizens will return, and it will happen in a matter of time. Let us not forget that the world has not faced a predicament like this in recent history, and there is no sure and tested way to deal with this virus. There is no guide on how to manage the situation.

Citizens abroad, we are here for you, but please understand that we must also protect ourselves. In time we will all be back together, but for now be patient and all will be well.

Nigel Seenathsingh
San Fernando