Challenging times for leadership


This seems to be a season where leaders are resigning or being changed for reasons beyond their control.

Societies are hoping the next leader will be the answer to their problems. In TT there appears to be the view that if we change the present leadership, things will get better. I sometimes wonder if the era of social media and unrestricted communication have led us to believe there are superheroes among us, capable of turning things around and making lives better.

I do not subscribe to that school of thought.

The failure of leaders stems from narcissism and a deep hunger for power. There is need for a major clean-up of our environment. There is an urgent need to ensure every community, every street is a safe place for all our people to go about their business.

Our youths must be inspired with new hope that allows for economic development in a very safe environment. That would require new opportunities for sustainable employment, aggressive development in sports, an elimination of the drug and gun culture and peaceful interaction with each other.

Another major challenge is our infrastructure inefficiencies. Water management, road maintenance, maintenance of public buildings and a major initiative in public landscaping.

There is the challenge of intrenched corruption and illegal activities. From squatting and illegal quarrying to public servants impeding justice. There are bribes and paybacks for opportunities to access State services.

Then of course there are the economic challenges.

Any one person who feels he/she can fix all of this by him or herself is not facing reality; and election to office of people with such mindset can lead to social disorder.