Bring on the rapid rail


The report in the news on the Government’s plan to rejuvenate Port of Spain is a welcome development, particularly for the citizens, the construction industry and the resulting boost to our flagging economy.

One hopes it will be finally implemented, as so far the other 16 plans have come to naught. So, let us think positively.

It might be useful now for the Government to seriously look at putting on the table another mega project for immediate implementation-the construction of the rapid rail.

Prior to its abandonment by another government, we knew that most, it not all, the preliminaries were completed and paid for, and it was just a matter of starting the project.

All this to be done with a foreign private sector company funding and running the system for 20 years, at no cost to the country, with the eventual handover to us at that time.

The benefits to the country, in terms of solving the horrendous traffic problems, the obvious assistance to unemployment, the economy of the country and being one step closer to us edging out of the Third World would be incalculable.

F Mouttet