Blame game and lack of accountability


I have read with increasing dismay and frustration where everyone is fixated on laying blame and there is no accountability.

Let’s lay our cards on the table. No amount of blaming one another is going to reduce the rate at which this virus will be and is transmitted.

With the variant now firmly entrenched in our communities the lockdown will not yield the desired results without us reducing our interactions in confined closed spaces, wearing our masks, social distancing and adhering to the public health advisories.

The variants are just too communicable so increasing curfews is not going to solve the problem if people are still congregating during the day.

We continue to look to a source of the recent rise in infections but does it truly matter? There were fields filled with persons exercising, playing sports (small goal) long before the incremental rise in infections yet there is this dark cloud hanging over the resumption of outdoor activities.

There was national team training sessions including contact sports both indoor and outdoor without a single confirmed case to date. Training sessions were successfully conducted when outdoor contact sports were given the green light in junior and senior academies without any confirmed cases.

Throughout the world sporting activities have resumed and now fans are being allowed back.

Just look at how Canada is phasing back outdoor sporting activities even though they have three variants in circulation.

Dr Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, Maryland, says it’s important to remember that while transmission can occur outdoors, it’s much less likely.

“Even with the more contagious variants, the virus is still going to have difficulty transmitting in those settings,” he said.

“But when you look at some of the issues that we had in the United States, for example the protests after George Floyd’s death, those were all outdoors and we saw very little transmission.”

Interesting that blame is being placed on the vigils in light of this right. This virus had an unexpected beneficial cause and effect.

People who were sedentary especially the elderly realised they needed to start exercising.

There were more people exercising because they knew that strengthening their immune systems would give them a fighting chance should god forbid they contracted the virus.

Think about this, when you get sick don’t you try to sweat it out by exercising? I know I do.

This virus based on scientific data likes the victim to be sedentary, that is when it thrives and kills.

We are playing to its strengths by forcing everyone to stay home and not exercise. There are people dying at home from this virus yet our experts believe that they can effectively stop the spread of this virus by trying to lockdown the country.

Should they succeed, it only requires one case of the variant for a repeat of the aggressive spread of the virus like we have seen for the last month and are we constantly going to be in a cycle of lockdowns.

The only proven methodology for containing this virus is an aggressive vaccination programme and we are behind the eight ball as they say.

All this negativity and blame sharing is not going to get the vaccines here any sooner.

We need to be supportive, positive and focused on vaccinating as many of us as possible so our schools can open, our children can renew friendships and we can live again.