Biden won’t change policy on Venezuela


What reason is there to expect that Joe Biden is likely to ease the pressure on Venezuela? The American approach Venezuela did not start with Donald Trump, much as we would like to cast him as the villain of the piece.

The attacks on Venezuela are motivated by the government of the United States, directed as they are by the Senate. The Washington establishment will not allow any western hemisphere country to make its own decisions on what is best for its people.

Donald Trump had no choice in the matter. It is just fortunate that the government’s position coincided with his own. The pressure started long before Nicolas Maduro, and it was only the overwhelming popularity of Hugo Chavez that delayed the inevitable. In fact, they did actually attempt to depose Chavez and it was only the almost total rejection of the American action by the entire country, save and except the ambitious coup plotters and powerseekers lurking in the background, which prevented its success.

Joe Biden is not likely to prevail against the controllers in Washington, who see Maduro as an affront to American hegemony and control of its sphere of influence.

The western world’s only hope for self-determination is what occurred in Bolivia, where the population totally rejected the ultra-right-wing approach to governance and sent the criminal usurpers packing.

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has taken the best and only sensible and defensible position in this matter, that is, neutrality in respect of the internal affairs of an independent country.

Let us hope that America will do the right thing and allow the Venezuelan people to determine their own destiny.

Karan Mahabirsingh