How exactly did it reach that far – a fashion show with models bearing minimal clothing being the feature presentation in a Church. There is no room for error in this scenario. The rules of engagement are clear – the House of God has to be treated with respect, and we’re sure that having persons strut their stuff in what is essentially glamorous underwear isn’t exactly being respectful. What’s the point of having a dress code for a place of worship be a church, temple, mosque or otherwise, if it’s to be violated by a farcical event such as this?

Wasn’t there any other space more appropriate for hosting this venture? Would any of these models, organizers or otherwise attend church dressed wearing the clothing on display? A newspaper report claimed that Whatsapp voicenotes purporting to be from the organizer assured the models and designers that the controversy the show has become embroiled in will now make the brand infamous. The report also claimed that the initial plan of hosting such a show in a Church was exactly that – to ensure it was destined for controversy in order to gain maximum publicity.

Quite the marketing acumen, one would think. But again we ask, how exactly did it reach this far? This isn’t a small town church tucked in the middle of nowhere. This is the Trinity Cathedral – one of the country’s largest & most iconic churches. The organizers seem to show no remorse, and in fact have allegedly started promoting #getoverit as another means of riding the popularity wave and belittling the concerns of an entire nation. But someone has to answer. How could this blasphemous occurrence be swept under the carpet, especially when there is no show of remorse by those involved?

What’s unfortunate is that most religious leaders have not openly banded together to voice condemnation towards the issue. The only utterances we’ve heard were from the Anglican Church and the Council of Evangelical Churches. While this may fall directly on the lap of the Christian community, this essentially is a direct disrespect of religion in general. We all need to stand for each other, no matter what religious persuasion. Where are the voices?

One true mark of the deterioration of a society remains its upholding of the sanctity of religion. The sign of our decline doesn’t get much louder and blatant than this.