Advertising perversion is a crime


Every so often activists for so-called LGBTQ etc., go into high gear to try to advance their diverse agendas. They brainstorm ideas, produce comprehensive documents, run media advertising and discussions and insist it’s time for legalized advantages and education mandates.

This happened in the latter half of the 1990’s, again in the mid-2000’s and again around 2013; and now it is in full swing once more.

Even though it may not succeed the point of the exercise is to manipulate the social tolerance levels to spread the message anyway; thus to penetrate the minds of the young through their propaganda and reach into schools all the same.

What is involved is the perverting of society and criminality.

It is actually then a lawless activity that needs to be controlled via the criminal law. Forms of strict liability should be added to existing laws, against this campaigning.

Individuals may have personal struggles with bad inclinations and twisted acquaintances; but organized “coming out” for “demanding protection” and “legalization” is an attack on society, on the young and on the vulnerable including other affected persons. This is not a “moment” for “understanding” or “acceptance” and it is intrinsically disqualified in relation to “democratic process”.