Adults, or just tall kids, at the Judiciary?


WHEN I was in Second Grade in primary school, we had a very strict teacher. She was mean. She made us arrive on time and say ‘Excuse me?’ when we needed to go to the toilet and wait till she answered and gave permission. So, we ganged up on her one day and locked the classroom door from the inside so that she couldn’t get in. We thought that was very funny, and pretended we didn’t know who had done it. But then, most of us grew up.

Not everyone does, of course. Some people get taller and get jobs in the administration of the Judiciary. So when they think judges are being too strict, they plot to gang up and find ways to lock them out.

Last month they locked some of them out of their offices when they were coming to work on a public holiday. I suppose that was fun in their minds, you know? It proved they were the important ones. The ones in charge. Little kids love that.

This week they made sure a whole group of judges were not invited to the opening of Parliament, as they always used to be ever since T&T had a Parliament. That must have been lots of fun. Just like it was for every ten-year-old (or, you know, they could blame it on ‘Covid’ or say their invitations were ‘lost’ (joke, joke).

I wonder when they are going to replace them with adults who believe in professionalism and are proud of the Government offices they stand for?

Diana Mahabir-Wyatt