A tale of two Carnivals


There is urgent need to examine dispassionately the issue of Tobago’s participation in the national Carnival and its own initiative with respect to another promotional October event targeted and aligned with its thrust in tourism.

Let me state unequivocally that these need not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, when properly placed in context there are excellent opportunities for having both while simultaneously branding and marketing “product Tobago” as the greatest little island destination on the planet.

I believe that in all aspects of the tourism industry viz the blue economy, the green economy and the orange or leisure economy there exist enormous possibilities for development and advancement of the island as a destination. This would require an approach that is non-traditional.

There are existing comparative advantages bestowed both by nature as well as by historical antecedents. It is in our collective interest to cease and desist the current practice which seems to place these two in diametric opposition rather than as complementary, as indeed they are.

I have previously suggested several approaches in developing some ideas. I am also aware that several alternative but complementary suggestions have been on the table. Some date back to the early years of self-government and into our nation’s independence.

Perhaps the time has come when these can be revisited.