A strategy that may work


The main resources necessary for bandits to commit crimes include weapon(s), means of escape, will power, time and a victim. Our governments have not been effective in controlling access to weapons or means of escape. It is virtually impossible for the Government to control bandits’ will power or their ability to select victims.

Time is the only of these resources that can be managed by the Government. So, the Government should design and implement a programme to manage the free time of individuals, especially those who are victimising the citizenry.

The Government should design and implement a mandatory national service programme to:

• Identify individuals who are not participating full-time in a socially acceptable activity

• Legally isolate these individuals in a fully secured environment for a fixed period of time

• Provide these individuals with job training to facilitate them in transitioning back into society at the end of training.

Citizens should become proactive and hold a referendum on such a service as a strategy to reduce crimes in this country.