A government immune to criminal acts


Despite what the professors, experts and analysts of crime may say, the truth of the situation is that almost all crimes committed here are to be blamed on our politicians.

Our politicians, especially those associated with the ruling People’s National Movement, have failed to do what is necessary to halt the widespread everyday events of crimes here.

They have for years relied on a police force which has so far failed mainly because of the police uselessness in dealing effectively with criminals, and with no real support from the present or past governments.

Where crime is concerned, the situation is bound to go from bad to worse because of a lack of any political will.

The present Government has so far failed to restore the death penalty and the hardened and other potential criminals are now viewing this Government as part and parcel of what is wrong with our society.

They see this Government as an instigator of many forms of crimes here by their failure to intervene and assist the police with meaningful legislation.

This together with a justice system now lying in tatters, will only serve to keep the rising crime rate at record levels.

It would now appear that those politicians now in the corridors of power have become highly immune to the adversities that are now the highlight of this nation, and by the looks of it they are quite prepared to do nothing about it except to keep relying on an incompetent police system which has proven to be a failure for many decades since our independence.

G.A. Marques