Paving The Way To Election Day


Road paving will begin just after the national budget is presented, and just months before a Local Government and General Election. This is something we could’ve predicted at any time, and many were anticipating the fixing of roads just before the polls are due. It’s not a new thing, it’s almost the political culture here in T&T, and 2019 is no different.

For the past few years we’ve had to deal with deteriorating roads caused by various things including flooding, landslides, high traffic with large vehicles, WASA, etc. There were isolated incidents where paving would have been done, where roads were in a critical state and the public’s lives were at risk, for instance where the road caved in and landslides occurred.

But the forgotten potholes have caused more havoc and car damages than we could fathom in the years gone by. We’ve been met with excuses by Local Government officials that the road doesn’t belong to them, but to the Ministry, and vice versa. We’ve heard that there’s not enough money to pitch the roads back, and so on.

We’re also seeing other infrastructural works which were started years ago, now coming to fruition, like rebuilt bridges. Perfect timing! Now, motorists will get some relief…but did it really need to take that long?

We’ve noted citizens concerns that driving on our local roads are becoming more hazardous, not only due to other drivers being reckless, but from potholes. Months ago the Works Minister blamed WASA for the majority of these craters on the roadways…and was he right? What has been done since then to fix that? Not much, but luckily the polls are near.

What’s next? Hopefully, a proper pipe borne supply of water! We expect some solutions to arrest this issue as well. We, as citizens and residents in this country have become numb to these regular issues and most of time we refuse to speak out. We’re just asking for our tax dollars to work properly. After all these tax amnesties, we expect some improvements in these basic areas, at least!