Make it a Beachin’ 2019! – by KD


By Karen KD Dass

They say a little sand between the toes always takes away the woes and how true this is for the many of us who take to the beach on the weekend or work day (ahem) even for an hour or two. Recently there was a compilation of the top 50 beaches in the Central America and The Caribbean for 2018 by travel company Flight Network. I wasn’t surprised to see Maracas Bay, however this was at # 20 and the only TT hot spot listed. Sure Maracas is popular but is it REALLY the best we have?  Some of my colleagues agree with me here that there are many other options to delight the sea lover’s heart. Las Cuevas, Tyrico, Stone Haven Bay, Store Bay, Pigeon Point, Toco, Clifton Hill and Mayaro were among the favouriteschosen by listeners. But what is it that makes a beach YOUR beach? Here’s what some folks had to say:

The water obviously. Clean and clear.

A little wave action.

Family vibe with not too much noise. (Early morning works best for me)

Lifeguards on duty!

Bake and shark

WOMEN! (hence the Maracas I guess?)

One that’s not crowded. (Ok this rules out Maracas)

A nice long shoreline for cricket or football.

Personally, I’m not too fussy about beaches as my experience is not limited to tumbling waves and salty air. It’s the drive (especially when I’m not driving), the laughs I share with the company, the scenic spots that remind me we are still blessed by nature, a casual conversation with a coconut man or sno cone vendor and above all, the freedom to rest all troubles at the shoreline when that frothy water tickles your toes.

Sadly, we are always aware of the safety issue so one can never really be too carefree but let this be a year you factor in some beach time with those you love. Ketch ah vaps and ride out! Enjoy the beautiful parts of our country. If you plan on travelling out of the country this year, click on the link below for some amazing choices.


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