Would You Consider Having A ‘Designer Baby?’

Would You Consider Having A ‘Designer Baby?’

There’s a company here in Champs Fleur that can test you and your proposed spouse for genetic disorders. Once the test is done, couples can decide whether to have children with or without the likelihood of hereditary diseases.

Its called genetic engineering or designer babies!

At a conference in Port of Spain last week, Dr. Nicole Ramlachan suggested that it is vital that we know WHO we are marrying to avoid producing children with hereditary diseases such as muscular dystrophy or even heart problems.

On the other hand, a couple may choose to have a child or children with super intelligence, possibly selected skin tones, even hair color….and certainly no chance of abnormality or disease.

According to Dr Ramlachan, these choices will of course be made in the context of moral and ethical considerations. But she feels Caribbean people should start thinking about these matters, because they’re happening elsewhere in the world.

She blamed the media in part, for the public’s ignorance of the pros and cons of genetics and its possibilities. She cited as an example of the great benefit of using genetics…..the case of a one year old English girl who was cured of blood cancer two years ago……the first HUMAN to be so cured.

Some religions and politicians around the globe have been loudly vocal against the use of genetics. They are also against another life-changing medical procedure, that of stem cell research.

Both however, are already widely deployed in successful experimentation with animals, and food crops.

We aren’t advocating anything just yet…but we do share the goodly doctor’s view that there’s lots to think about…..

and we should start doing so now!

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July 28th, 2017

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