Why Can’t We Live and Let Live?

Why Can’t We Live and Let Live?

Much debate has been stirred with the hallmark ruling in favour of activist Jason Jones and the buggery law in this country, the enforcement of which remains quite rare. Basically, it means the law criminalising the act of buggery is unconstitutional. Many chastisers have shot ahead and claimed this meant all sorts of things including the legalization of gay marriages. While this judgment may a step in that direction, we at the Station are sicken, but not surprised, at the reaction since the judgment was handed down. The LGBTQ community has always been the butt of jokes and we continue to see the disdainful attitude towards gays as a whole propagated and embedded into our mindset.
Most in opposition have highly radical views steeped in religion. None of the religious groups are bending, but prefer to maintain a firm stance behind their convictions. While their staunchness in religion is admirable, it is abhorrent when good sense goes out the back door. We are not one’s to criticise anyone’s religious doctrines, in fact we are supporters of most religious circles. Their beliefs should be respected the same way every other person’s belief should. However, the perceived misdeeds of gays and their automatic designation into hellfire has absolutely no bearing on their daily lives. Isn’t that a matter between them and the Maker, whoever he may be? While they may not condone the actions, let’s leave that decision for the Maker on judgment day. So, detractors, how much do these activities affect your daily lives?
Where were the protesters when a baby was raped and killed last week? Where are they when our innocent civilians are slaughtered on a daily basis? When the taxpayer funds are being wasted on non-important project? Where are they? If these antagonists can use this much intensity for this purpose, then we should expect consistency across the board, not so? So you say gays are blaspheming the holy books, but do you picket in front the neighbour’s house even though you know they are horning, lying or drinking? Where are the protestors then?
One’s sexual orientation and activities behind closed doors do not infringe on anyone’s lives. All progressive nations have loosened homosexuality barriers and archaic laws, yet we continue to boil over with religious strangleholds and blatant homophobia. Such priorities! What a back-to-front kind of country we are.
How about we live and let live. Just like any other people who mean no harm, we will lose nothing in giving civil society our backing.

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April 16th, 2018

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