Who’s Guarding The Guards?

Who’s Guarding The Guards?

The public already possesses an unflattering view of the police service and we weren’t sure if new lows were attainable, or if we even wanted to find out. But over the course of the last week or so, our opinion descended further and perhaps caused more erosion of the already little faith that exists for the boys in blue.

A particular incident that was as startling as it was scary was the shootout between two officers last week in grand bazaar, fueled by a personal vendetta. While we acknowledge the fallen officer may have been dedicated to his job since we have no evidence to prove otherwise, we are still gravely concerned that the officer scorned could instigate a physical public attack on another officer while under a fit of rage.

What if this was a defenseless civilian? Thank goodness no others were injured in the attack. How does the service deal with police officers possessing firearms while off duty? Maybe this needs to be looked at. Many embraced the incident as somewhat comical, until the death of the attacking officer two days ago. We extend our condolences to the family, friends and fellow officers on his tragic passing.

Our displeasure with the protective services does not stop with the police though. Just last monday, security personnel at the piarco international airport were apprehended while trying to smuggle over 34 million dollars worth of cocaine through that point of exit. It doesn’t take a genius to rationalize that this is just one of a plethora of similar transactions, most of which snuck under the radar. This country being utilized as a trans-shipment point for illegal material comes as no surprise, acknowledged by other nations like uncle sam many times before.

On the topic of a huge bust, what about the pictures of the scantily clad woman taken inside a police station? The issue was already hot when the pictures of her donning police wear while getting camera-happy started circulating and spoke the figurative thousand words, but the response from the officer involved was a slap in the face to all citizenry. You were set up? Where were you when this incident took place? How did she have access to your clothing? Subsequent reports quoted fellow officers as saying this was just one of many instances where the said woman was in the station for things other than police matters.

While we know there are many officers who are dedicated and hold a true intention of carrying out their jobs with pride and aplomb, no group of dedicated officers is bigger than the system. T&t certainly has a problem. Perhaps more ingrained in the system that we may think. So we ask, with great curiosity…who is guarding the guards?


May 9th, 2018

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