What’s to come after the acting A.G.’s revelation?

What’s to come after the acting A.G.’s revelation?

Minister Stuart Young, in his acting capacity of Attorney General has launched a scathing condemnation of his brothers in law…….members of the lawyers fraternity. He being a lawyer himself for over twenty years.

In the House of Representatives last Friday, he stated “without fear of contradiction” that some members of the criminal bar…practising Attorneys, are currently facilitating gang members in gang activity. Mr. Young, who is Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister went on to say these lawyers are actually assisting their clients in running their criminal empires.

We don’t think there’s any secret in what Mr. Young had to say. But it is significant, and important that at long last, its been said officially by someone in a position to know. There’s a lot more that could be said on the matter, which we hope Mr. Young, or others in senior positions, would come out and say, now that the door has been opened.
Perhaps even let this door be the floodgate to stifle or stop the excessive flow of lawyers being churned out of the University of the West Indies.

We’ve repeatedly said there are too many lawyers in this tiny land, and hundreds crawling out each year. With no jobs for many of them, naturally some will turn to creative ways of applying their legitimate, but inexperienced knowledge in order to earn an indecent living. Some so lacking in experience and capacity, become nothing more than messengers, instruction couriers for the incarcerated gangsters. Always, there’s temptation! For as the saying goes “the devil finds work for idle hands to do”.

We often wonder, and ask you the public to ponder, whether or not the TT Law Association condones this type of behaviour by its membership. Claiming that they know not of such behaviour, is yet another case of its leadership burying its collective head, neck deep in the sewerage polluting so many areas of our legal system. On Sunday, the Association lamely issued a statement saying “if the police have the evidence they should charge the wrongdoers”

The cesspits need to be cleaned. Whether by the police marching the criminal lawyers in handcuffs to court and eventual prison, as Mr. Young hopes to see, or whether the politicians and powers that be, would stop free funding of UWI students seeking to become lawyers.

We think there should be plenty of both….


May 8th, 2018

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