What We Sow Today Is What We Reap Tomorrow

What We Sow Today Is What We Reap Tomorrow

 Every year, the issue of “wining” surfaces.

 “Wining” at fetes, events, on stages and of course on the streets during the two days of Carnival. Much of this reflected with apparent delight by the producers, on our television screens.

 So this season is no different. Except that for the first time, we’ve seen published, and article by Dr. David Bratt senior, questioning and regretting that some parents actually encourage their children to wine, when in fact the hapless kids are at a loss to understand whats going on. Dr Bratt adverted to possible medical and mental negatives which could affect the kids, and as he put it “leering old men”.

 In a previous editorial we dealt with the subject of “wining”, but today we want to reinforce that view, and widen the discussion. We lament the vulgar extremes to which some participants go to demonstrate and show-off their “wining” abilities. And with each passing year, the vulgarity and obscenity gets worse.

 But we’re also very concerned with the very poor example set by parents. In our daily lives, we see various other examples of adults protesting one thing or other. But not just marching peacefully within the law with placards as in the past. Nowadays, the demonstrations are verbally violent, with the accompanying burning of tyres, blocking of roadways…denying other citizens the right of passage and enjoyment of free movement. Some of these, like the recent Beetham Highway riots, involved injury to innocent drivers.

 Long ago, we saw the advent of parents entering schools, attacking teachers for giving poor grades or, over matters of discipline. That example has culminated in teachers being attacked in the classroom by students, one incident recently perpetrated by a nine year old boy.

 In the context of, and along with all the other combinations of issues which have corrupted our national ethos, such as poor leadership, indiscipline, and lack of productivity, we ask: where has poor example brought us today?

 What’s even more frightening to contemplate is where next?

 How far will the slide take us?

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February 1st, 2018

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