Vigilante Justice At Its Worst

Vigilante Justice At Its Worst

Where have we reached as a people? How do we feel as a nation? How would you rate your happiness as a Trini? We can tell you, it’s not good.

Many would bash the angry mob that battered the hapless and helpless man to subsequent death in Oropune last week, under the premise that he was a child molester. If this were indeed true, they would have been hailed as heroes inflicting vigilante justice. But with the news that this harmless gentleman was as innocent as any one of us, everyone was quick to condemn the residents’ actions that brought a horrific end to his life.

Reports indicated that the inflictors were apologetic and tried to distance themselves from blame, as expected. After all, it was not one man who dealt another the crucifying blow, but it was done in true angry mob style, where the details of assailants can be lost in the melee. One could only imagine how bad the beating really was, with doctors stating he would have been vegetative if he survived the internal bleeding and swollen brain, amongst other inflictions.

So let’s answer our opening questions. We are angry as a people. We see, hear and read of news stories with crime, violence, abuse. Most of which go unpunished. We see our mothers and daughters abused, our children molested, our fellow citizens robbed & killed daily. We feel that nothing is being done to abate the scenario; in fact it’s only getting worse. We feel vulnerable. Our minds are in chaos just as our country is. In a situation where a person presented a semblance of being a perpetrator, he felt the full brunt of a community in anger, a smaller representation of our society really. Anyone who watched the videos of him being hog tied and beaten would have wondered where was his fair trial. There was none. An innocent man paid the price for a mentality that countless miscreants have imbedded in us and authorities have allowed to fester with their nonchalance towards it.

We ask again, what’s next? Authorities are said to be proceeding with this as a homicide. Unfortunate, yet, rightly so. Will the video evidence stand up in court? Are we there as a society? Of course not. Will similar video evidence stand up in court for the man who shot two security officers while robbing the Chinese casino in Curepe junction? How many have come and gone before him with the fixed gazes of cameras on them? How many are behind bars? With an unimpressive detection rate, we doubt there are many.

The death of the perceived child molester was unfortunate, but in the eyes of the law there is a price to pay now. Our frustration and anger have gotten the better of us in this situation. We wonder how long again before it gets the better of our country. That is, unless the criminals get us first.

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June 5th, 2018

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