Two For One

Two For One

Commentary on instances of shootings in recent weeks or months have lamented the deaths of young, innocent boys, doing no more than opening their front doors, or sitting on their front steps playing with electronic tablets.

That type of commentary comes often from either local newspapers or NGO’s. of one kind or another. But as we’ve said elsewhere, what do we know of the actual innocence of the young lads in the most recent instances? In these individual cases, we really know nothing.
But what we generally know is that much of the crime, and violent shootings are perpetrated by teenagers, often guided by manipulating, adult crime bosses.

Alternatively, It could be, that the innocent young men are relatives of gangsters, from whom a toll is extracted, either as a cruel warning or because the gangster is well protected or hard to get at.

Either scenario is unfortunate, perhaps one more so than the other, merely because one is choice, the other, an association or a family tie.

The point we are making today however, is that we should not run quickly to make judgements or declare heroes without first allowing extensive investigations to bear positive fruit………….

Today, we also want to highlight the fact reported in the daily news, that the Chief Justice is taking his case against the Law Association to the Privy Council, and that his appeal will be heard next month.

Remember, the Law Association won the right to investigate the CJ in the local Courts several weeks ago. A decision that our Chief Justice is refusing to accept.
Even the acting Chief Justice who sat on the local hearing, voted in favour of the Law Association.

Notwithstanding any technicalities of the law, which we do not know, the question we ask is “What does it say about the CJ’s confidence in his own peers and members of his own team of learned Judges? We’ve already asked what does he have to hide.

We have said all along that the whole fiasco is a picture of lower grade quality than we are accustomed to, or certainly, not a portrait of the Judiciary we should really want to accept.

Sadly,……unfortunately….this is yet another example of leadership failure in this here failing State.

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June 13th, 2018

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