T&T Lacking Rainy Season Preparedness

T&T Lacking Rainy Season Preparedness

We’re in mid-May, and this time in the past two years, we were already in the Rainy Season. There has been no such declaration yet, although we can safely say we had an ‘above average’ dry season. There weren’t as many bush fires as we’re accustomed to seeing, and rainfall came at timely intervals to keep our green mountains bright as they should be.

Given the talk of Climate Change and the strange weather patterns being experienced around the world, T&T must take note and be cautious. For instance, the country should have already been put on notice to begin preparing our surroundings for the upcoming wet season.

We hope that officials in charge are leading the charge to dredge rivers and clear main waterways in communities that are prone to flooding. This issue is one we face year after year, and by now we should be in a position to plan ahead as best as possible.

This Hurricane Season in the Atlantic could bring as many as 15 Tropical Storms and 8 hurricanes. This is a serious matter and it should be all the information we need to get ourselves in a good position. Our past experiences, it seems, have not developed us into a culture of proactivity for the flood season.

Tropical Storm Bret passed last year on June 19th and we know what the effects were, with a similar weather system bringing more trouble later in the year. Only afterwards we heard analytical voices stating what we “could’ve” and “should’ve” done in the dry season.

At this moment, we’re not hearing from the Local Government Ministry or the ODPM pushing the drive to get things going. We’re not saying this is a government-only initiative. It falls in all of our gardens too, literally. We should be responsible for keeping our homes and communities clean, clear and ready for prolonged rainfall.

There’s also a warning from CARPHA about a likely Dengue Fever outbreak this year. This is serious business, yet we’re still seeing the overgrown bushes and clogged drains in many communities.

Let’s not wait until the postmortem of another disaster to give another unpractical analysis. We are in a position to do something now…Why wait? We’re only punishing ourselves!

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May 17th, 2018

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