To The Stadium We Go

To The Stadium We Go

We’re at the start of a cricket season in the region that is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. The Caribbean Premier League has continued to outshine itself with regard to the staging of the tournament and the hype it brings.

This year is a bit different as the final will not be held at the famous Queens Park Oval, but at a newly opened stadium in Tarouba. The Brian Lara Cricket Academy will host the final few matches of the tournament, marking the first time this facility is hosting such a large event.

The CPL attracts thousands at a time, and with the build up to the Final, there are usually the large crowds of persons, not only from the host country, but tourists from around the region, and even internationally.

Of course, we know the stadium has been through its share of controversy, used as a political football in its decade of construction, falling under successive governments. With its grand opening in May this year, there were questions surrounding the strength of the structure, and so on.

There was also the concern from some members of the public regarding the current Government’s push to spend money on the then unfinished stadium, given the economic constraints the country is facing.

Approximately 90 million dollars was spent…and the other areas those members of the public were calling to be priority areas – such as the Couva Hospital remains inactive.

So, what now? Is there going to be a boycott of the CPL matches in protest? So far we haven’t heard from that section of the public since the announcement of the venue to the hype of the tournament so far.

The stadium is there, the tickets are being sold and the CPL – by extension Trinidad and Tobago – will be on showcase for 9 games, the final five of which will be held in Tarouba.

What citizens should do now is hope for the best, for a successful showing and hope that it boosts destination T&T for Sports Tourism, for the least. The final is going to cost T&T almost seven million dollars, and adding what was spent on refurbishment, we hope there is value for money!

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August 4th, 2017

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