Time To Net The Big Fish

Time To Net The Big Fish

It is time to cast a net big enough to bring in the BIG FISH. Since assuming office, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has quickly won public admiration for his no nonsense approach to the job. People wanted immediate results, and thanks to some highly publicized busts, and quick kidnapping reactions, they have gotten just that. His tough words to criminals in the face of death threats, has now made him a folk hero of sorts.

Then came the Westmoorings incident. On Tuesday, five persons were arrested as millions of dollars worth of drugs, guns and ammunition were seized at an apartment in Regent Gardens, Westmoorings. There were also claims that one of the suspects was connected – either directly or indirectly – to a Government Minister.

Public speculation has long been rife that the real crime kingpins in this country are rich, powerful and consequently out of the reach of the law. Many have complained that while some perpetrators are being taken down, those who are truly in charge i.e. the Big Fish, are still in operation, perpetuating the destructive cycle of crime. Targeting and taking down such persons is always a risky venture. Power speaks after all, and those wielding it are not afraid of demonstrating their will. That is why our new Top Cop must be an individual of iron will, unafraid of doing his job.

Commissioner Griffith so far fits the bill. And the bust in Westmoorings, an area normally associated with the wealthy, as well as the volume of drugs seized, means he has undoubtedly disrupted something major.

Now while Commissioner Griffith has received death threats over the past couple weeks, anyone who is really serious about taking him out will not give the police a heads up. This Westmoorings bust will most certainly have put a major target on his head. And the last thing the average citizen wants, is for the man who is facing the criminal elements head on, to be taken out of the battle. So a word of caution to the Police Commissioner – be careful as you do what you do. And know as well, that once you continue doing a fearless job with integrity, the citizens of this country are behind you.

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December 5th, 2018

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