The Wisdom Of A Sage In The Form Of A Child

The Wisdom Of A Sage In The Form Of A Child

Glimmering amongst the negatives that dominate our daily lives in modern T&T, is a truly inspiring story, one which we choose to highlight today. The story of a young man who clearly offers more than meets the eye. We came across the story of Ajay Aberdeen over the weekend and couldn’t help but be amazed and captivated, to say the least, by this young man. Ajay is only 15, diminutive even for his age yet bearing wisdom beyond his years. In the social media video, Ajay is seen selling peppers outside of a supermarket in Santa Cruz. We’ve all seen youngsters burning in the sweltering sun while vending produce to make an honest dollar. While this in itself is admirable, Ajay has professed to grow his own crop. He is the most willing of farmers, too. Ajay left us all in awe with his firm stance towards hard work and making an honest living. He even confessed to seeing no value in blood money, as he calls it, stating, it dissipates as quickly as it is acquired.

It is easy for one to initially judge this young man based on his looks and even easier to broad-brush youth like him in general, as wayward or lacking ambition. But Ajay has clearly broken away from that mould. And it doesn’t end there. He has aspirations to become a soldier and open an auto garage and says despite his small size, is determined to fulfil his dream and prove the doubters wrong. Apart from his ambitions in the outside world, he professes to be the high achiever in the classroom too. This young lad ¬†even attests that his greatest inspiration is himself. What a chap! What an inspiration!

What we can deduce is that this astute young man didn’t just wake up one morning with this right mentality. No, he was definitely nurtured by the adults vested with that responsibility. A responsibility a lot of parents and guardians rescind and leave the impressionable ones susceptible to the influence of others from the dark side. Kudos to his uncle who was also featured in the video, definitely one of if not the only role model in this future champion’s life.

We have words for you as well young man. Keep on aspiring. At this young age, who knows what the future holds for you. With hard work and sweat comes rewards. He is unwavering in his stance that there is nothing to derive from a dishonest life, and we admire that. Not only can he achieve and surpass his own ambitions, but he can prove to be a role model for his peers and even older ones who are less certain of their goals or have lost faith in society.

You have a level head on your shoulders young man. We salute you and those like you. Just like the pepper he picks and sells from his garden, we urge all to judge each day not by the sweat and toil that is put in, but by the harvest that is reaped.

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February 6th, 2018

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